2-in-1 Paragon Kit Launch Giveaway & ECC Vape Trick Competition

As a prelude to our exhibition at this years ECC in the USA, Vaptio has decided to launch a Vape Tricks contest. The total cash prizes will be $1000. The vape tricks contest will run concurrently with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Gleam giveaways. Read the Paragon Giveaway Blog.


Vaptio Unlimited Paragon Beast Tank Giveaway!

Now that you've entered the Paragon Beast social media giveaways, let's tell you how to make some cash $$$ and win some #VaptioSwagger. 



How to win the Vape Tricks contest?

1) Upload your video to Instagram, Facebook, Youtube our Twitter

2) @Vaptiousa for Instagram / @vaptioofficial for Facebook & Twitter

3) Hashtag: #Vaptio #VaptioTricks

4) @ As many friends as you can in comments

Deadline July 26 (Extended by 1 day)



1) Device can be a non-Vaptio device, but, video must be uploaded and tagged as above. Of course it would help if it were Vaptio :) If non-Vaptio device can also try to not show it :)

2) We will Chose semi-finalists on July 27. Semi-finalists will be invited to compete in contest at Vaptio's booth at ECC on August 3. Note: those who cannot attend ECC can possibly do a live broadcast (still to be decided).

3) While the final decision will be at Vaptio's discretion, the number of likes, shares, comments will influence the algorithm of how we choose the winners.

 4) Make a dope video clip! Your works will be featured on the Vaptio.com social media channels.

 5) Email original video clip to tony@vaptio.com


#VaptioTrick Prizes:

1st Place Prize: $600usd + Capt'n Paragon Vape Kit

2nd Place Prize: $300usd + Capt'n Paragon Kit

3rd Place Prize: $100usd + Capt'n Paragon kit.

4th to 10th place winners will receive Vaptio vaping kits, T-shirts, Caps, etc.


Don't know how to do vaping tricks? Aren't a cloud chaser? Don't worry!

We will be launching our #VaptioFanClub for core #VaptioFAM. Are you going to be at ECC? Email: Tony@Vaptio.com and we will prepare a gift package for you when you visit our booth. We will select a few core fans & vape trick artists to our #VaptioAfterParty! 

Won't be at ECC at all and cannot do vape tricks? Comment on Vaptio's social media posts and tag one or all: #VaptioFAM #VaptioFANS #VaptioSwagger and get a chance to win weekly prizes!

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Did you enter the Social Media Contests & Gleam Contests? Who is your favorite Cloud Chaser? Let us know below and @them on our social media so they can enter our contest!
Tony Vapes
Marketing Manager
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