6 Vape Business Success Tips To Increase Vape Store Sales In 2018

At Vaptio we are committed to not only providing innovative new products, but also helping our wholesale distributors and vape retailers achieve their own business success.


We regularly chat to our wholesale distribution partners and retailers across the globe who often give us some great insights into what they are doing to increase their vape store sales.


Today we want to share with you some useful tips that can help your vape store win over customers and increase sales.


But first lets take a quick look at the current state of the vaping sector.


The Evolving Vape Business Sector

As the vape sector continues to grow and more and more retail outlets begin to stock vaporizer products, what was once an easy business is fast becoming a highly competitive and sometimes cut throat industry. However, If you’re a vape retailer or someone looking to start your own vape store or distribution business don’t be alarmed just yet. .

The market forecasts for the vaping industry through to 2025 are fantastic , so there’s plenty of opportunity. In fact we recently published an article that outlines 11 ways to make money in the vaping industry.


The global e-cigarette market is expected to grow over $50 billion by 2025, at an estimated CAGR of 22.36% from 2015 to 2025. The market will witness a staggering growth until 2017, by when most of the regulatory and policy framework will fall into place. The growth rate will significantly increase thereafter, with significant revenue generation from evolving markets of APAC and Europe.


Sure the challenges to new businesses are increasing but there is still massive opportunity available for those businesses that make a commitment to growing their business the right way.


But what is the right way, what’s working for successful vape retailers?


So as promised earlier here are a few useful tips and some advice gleaned from our top vape business distributors and retailers to help you increase your vape store sales.


1. Keep up with vaping trends:

As the vape market continues to grow new and innovative product design and development is increasing. Similarly vape user taste is developing. There is an increasingly strong divide between the needs and wants of the quitting smoker and those of the younger cloud chaser. The former preferring the ease and convenience of all in one pod and pen style vapes, the latter preferring big powerful mods with sub ohm tanks.


As a vape wholesale distributor or a retailer it's important to keep up with trends and ensure your store has the latest offerings available.


There are several ways to keep abreast of new product developments and market opportunities including subscribing to your favorite brands newsletter or joining industry specific forums.


Our big tip for 2018 is to get on board with the stocking of CBD vape products and ensure you have a good range of pocket sized pod and mod style vapes market.


2. Enhance the Online Vape Shopper Experience

Buying a new vape kit should be more than a simple purchase it should be an experience . As a vape shop owner being able to identify your different customer types and tailor vape shop experiences to their individual needs will cause them to feel an affinity to you.


First of all the modern vape buyers journey starts online so make sure you have a strong web and social media presence. Most importantly make sure you represent your store image consistently across all online platforms from your website to social media channels.


Interaction online is the key to successful online sales. It's important to show a human face, respond to peoples questions, thank them for comments and most importantly handle customer complaints openly.


As silly as it sounds a good customer relationship management strategy can pay huge dividends online. If you help resolve issues in a friendly and time efficient manner often your customers will thank you and sing your stores praises to their friends and colleagues. You simply can't buy this good publicity.


The big tip for online vape store marketing is content is king. Vape stores that blog regularly generate a lot more traffic. Also if you have a brick and mortar store be sure to get listed on Google places.


3. Enhance the In Store Vape Shopper Experience

When it comes to visitors to your store remember every vape buyers decision journey is different so it's important to have a clear picture of your different customer types and present as a knowledgeable authority with regard to products.


A good tip is to ensure you run regular product and brand training with your employees. There is nothing more off putting than when a vape store worker shows you a particular mod or tank but has trouble breaking down the components or can't really explain the difference between different mods and tanks.


4. Don’t Use a One Size Fits All Marketing Campaign

This point is strongly connected to developing an understanding of your different customer types. The modern consumer is savvy and usually well informed. You need to run different types of campaigns for different customer types. This includes the types of images and words you use in your campaigns.


As an example a quitting smoker in his or her 50's is not really going to be interested in a vaping campaign about blowing big vape clouds which is supported by young tattooed men and women hanging out in a graffiti laden vape store.


The bottom line, campaigns need to be alerted and targeted in order to meet each demographic.

If you're generating online marketing content think about the needs of your target audience. What types of information would they be searching for.


The buyers journey doesn't start with a product search, but rather with awareness. As an example for the beginning vape user questions like, what is vaping, is it safe, best vape starter kits for beginners would be useful topics.


5. Email Marketing

Regardless of what you hear, email marketing is still one of the most cost effective and highly converting sales methods used by successful retailers. If you haven't developed a subscribe page on your website you're missing out on massive sales opportunities.


6. Use in store Vape Promotions Linked To your Social Media

This one is super easy. Simply create a QR code for your favorite social media channel, for example Facebook and have it clearly displayed at your counter. When customers come to your store to make a purchase offer a discount or another incentive at the point of sale for following you on your social media channel .


In a similar vein you could do the same by using Facebook check in. By getting your customers to check into your store they share their location and of course your shops location with their social community. This is potentially a very powerful and effective strategy for location based marketing.


Final Words

So there you have it. Obviously today we've only just scraped the surface of the many things you can do to increase your vape store sales. But make sure you subscribe to our blog as we'll be posting a lot more useful tips and ideas to help your vape business succeed in 2018.


As usual we'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas so please feel free to comment below and don't forget to share this across your favorite social media channels.


Happy new year. Here's to your vape business success in 2018 and beyond.


Happy vaping!


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