9 Key Features of the Perfect Pocket Vape Kit

With so many pocket size vape kits on the market how do you choose? 

The answer is simple, look for a compact product that packs a powerful punch at an affordable price. 

Sounds great, but what should you be looking for in a pocket sized vape kit? To help you we’ve put together what we believe are the 9 key features of the perfect pocket vape pen.

Here they are.

  • Pocket Friendly

First and foremost you need a vape pen that actually fits in your pocket. So the key here is length. A long vape pen may look cool but it’s a hassle to carry in your jeans pocket.

  •  Leak Proof

There’s nothing worse than reaching into your pocket and feeling oil all over your fingers, or even worse carrying your vape in your shirt pocket and having the oil leak all over your crisp white business shirt.  Similarly if you’re a girl it can make a mess of your beautiful handbag.

     Tip: Look for a pocket vape kit that has auto-lock technology and avoid those leaks and accidental pocket vaping.

  •  Battery Life

It’s normal to expect a pen vape to have a short battery life, or is it? Not all pocket size vape pens are made equal. My advice always look for a compact vape pen with a big battery.  I recommend a 3000mAh capacity with a 100W maximum output.

  • Intelligent

At the risk of sounding repetitive not all pocket vape pens are created equal. Look for an intelligent pen that can help you maximize the daily battery life of our pen. An intelligent pen will change the output voltage of your vaping kit according to battery level.  Simply put the higher the battery level the higher the output.

  • Juice Capacity

You can’t vape without juice so it goes without saying that you should look for a pocket vape with a big tank. I recommend a tank size upward of 4ml.

  •  High Compatibility

As a mobile vaper you never know when you’re going to run into problems with your pocket vape coil. There’s nothing worse than being stopped from your vaping pleasure by a dead coil. It’s handy to know that your pocket pen is compatible with more than one coil.

      Tip: To avoid a missed opportunity to vape be sure to look for a pocket vape pen that is compatible with at least 2 different coils. If the convenience store doesn’t stock one they’ll probably stock the other. 

  • Air Intake

The secret to blowing billows of vape smoke is air intake. The bigger the air slot the larger you can vape. If you’re into blowing big smoke be sure to put this feature high on your priority list.

  • Strong and Comfortable

If you’re a little clumsy like me you’ve probably dropped your vape pen more than once.

Don’t let your mobile vaping experience be destroyed by a silly accident.  Look for a strong vaping pen that can handle those accidental drops.

  • Easy Clean

The final feature is maintenance. Make sure all parts of your pocket vape pen are easily detachable for both cleaning and replacement.


So there you go, these are our 9 key features of the perfect pocket vape kit to help you in your quest to find the perfect vaping solution.  But which pocket vape kit do we recommend?

For my mind it has to be the Vaptio C-II Pen kit and here’s why.



1.  Pocket Friendly

The Vaptio C-II Vape pen is designed for the mobile vaper. It’s small and compact and measures a mere 25.88mm in length making it the perfect pocket companion.



2.  Leak Proof

The Vaptio C-II has a 360 leak proof design to ensure you it won’t make a mess in your pocket and the auto- lock technology will put an end to accidental “pocket vaping”



3.  Battery Life

If you’re looking for a pocket vape kit that won’t die half way through your day look no further than the Vaptio C-II. This pint sized pocket vape has an enormous battery with a 3000mAh capacity with a 100W maximum output.



4. Intelligent

The C-II pocket vape pen not only has a big battery, its smart and works with you to maximize your daily usage before needing to recharge.  As the battery life gets lower the C-II adapts its output to give you greater longevity.



5. Juice Capacity

Forget refilling every 1/3 hour. For a small device the Vaptio C-II has a large tank capacity. At 4ml it’s perfect for your pocket.


6. High Compatibility

With the Vaptio C-II you never have to worry about your coils. This pocket rocket is compatible with two different coil heads.



7. Air Intake

The C-II is like a magic lantern. With a larger than average air intake and straight drip tip it’s capable of delivering massive vapor and pure flavor.



8. Strong and Comfortable

The C-II pocket pen vape is designed for the street so it’s naturally a robust kit that not only fits neatly in your hand but can also handle those accidental drops.



9. Easy Clean

Ease of cleaning and replacing parts is important and it couldn’t be easier than with the Vaptio C-II. All parts are detachable and the device is simple to reassemble.



Got you hooked on the Vaptio C-II yet?  What do you think?

For me it’s the perfect choice for that mobile vaping experience.  So why not try it today. You won’t be disappointed.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments so feel free to comment below and don’t forget to follow us on social media.

Happy vaping!

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