Vaptio C-Flat New All In One Pod Vape Starter Kit

If you're looking for the perfect pocket vape then let us introduce you to Vaptio's new C-Flat. The C-Flat is a pod style,, all in one vape starter kit designed to maximize simplicity of use and convenience. .  

The NewC-Flat pod is a feature packed  vape kit designed for the vaper on the move..It sports a compact and ergonomical design and with everything built into this vape kit its the perfect pockt friendly vape. So lets dive in and take a closer look at the key features of the new C-Flat Pod. 


Key Features Of The C-Flat Pod Vape

What's In The C-Flat Pod Vape Kit

The C-Flat Pod Vape kit includes the C-flat mod, pod tank, a uniquely designed duck bill drip tip, a USB cable for simple and fast recharging and of course a full uiser instruction manual. 


Look and Feel


When it comes to look and feel the C-Flat is a sporty looking model. Available in your choice of 3 colors, , black, red with a black tip or champaign 

 It's  slim and sleek At 12o.5 mm in length and 15.1mm wide the Vaptio C-Flat pod  is an ideal pocket vape. It's compact size and ergonomic design make it perfect for carrying around. It's light weight features make it ideal for carrying in your shirt pocket but it's also slim enough to fit in your jeans pocket. 

With regard to feel, it's nice and light, in hand, easy to fire and  with a 350mAh built in battery that performs at 15W maximum output  it delivers an enjoyable smooth vaping experience.that's big on flavor.


Unique Mouth Peice

The C Flat's drip tip or mouth peice is one key feature that really sets it apart from its competitors. Designed to be lip friendly the drip tip ihas been designed to maximize user comfort and sports a unique duck bill style mouth peice that fits perfectly on your lips,


One Button Design

Another great feature of the C-Flat pod vape is it's simple one button operation. The fire button serves 4 different functions.

First, is simplicity. Forget messing around with complicated settings, the C-Flat has been preconfigured to maximize your vaping experience. Simply press the fire button and you're vaping.

Second the vape firing button also acts as a protective messure. Ddesigned to stop accidental firing or pocket vaping. the firing button protects against mis operation.

While the above features are common on a variety of pod vapes it's the other two functions within this single button that really distinguish the C-Flat as a truely innovative and unique product. The C-Flat has two key operation modes designed to suit the vaping preference of both mouth and lung vaping.. For mouthy vaping suimply press the button up and for lung vaping it's the opposite, press the button down. 


Replaceable Pod and Coil

The C-Flat uses a refilable and replaceable, pod style tank system that will hold  1.5 mls of liquid. ,The tank is located at the top of the pod directly below the duck bill drip tip.and also contains your vape coil. If you look inside the pod  you can see your coil. It is a tiny little coil that ohms out at 1 ohm but delivers a great vpae hit. .  

Refilling and or replacing the vape pod is both quick and easy..  To refill simply remove the drip tip, open the plug on the top of the pod tank and add your favorite juice.. Once your pod is full simply close the plug and you're ready to start vaping again.



Pass Through Enabled

 Another exciting and innovative feature of the new Vaptio C-Flat pod it it's pass through enabled design. If your wondering what a pass through enabled design is, it simply means that you can move through security screening devices at places like subway stations, security controlled buildings and airports without triggering the alarm. 


Battery Life and Fast Recharging

With pod vape systems one of the biggest concerns iis battery life but with the C-Flat Pod we've got you covered. Designed to maximize operational time, the C-Flat delivers excellent battery life because this pod system runs above ohm with a maximum output of 15W.. When you combine this with the blazing fast recharge speed,, the C-Flat supports 5V / 350mAh quick charging, the C-Flat really delivers. 


Multi Protections

 As with all Vaptio products we are committed to product safety and our new C-Flat provides multiple types of protections to sagfeguard against potential risks and ensure user safety..

Key safety features invlude overheating and short circuit protection so you never have to worry about the risk of shock or explosion. There is also an overvaping protection feature that only allows for a maximum vape of 5 seconds per fire. and   5v/500 mAn charging via USB.  


C- Flat Vape Kit Reviews

Vaping Insider.

f you are in the market for a stealthy little setup, then I would definitely check out the Vaptio C-Flat. It is one of the better pod systems that I have tested so far. This is a simple device with one button operation. This is the type of device that would convert a smoker over to vaping. The reason a device like this can do that is because it’s simple to operate and easy to use. -

Reddit Electronic Cigarette

In regards to performance this thing keeps up with if not exceeds most of the pod systems I've tried. The C-Flat pods with built-in coils perform much like the I Care, Providing a much fuller, denser and flavourful hit then the smaller pod systems like the My or MyJet.

E- Cigarette Forum

I was really surprised with the output volume of this little stealthymod. I also love the tiny tanks as they are easy to fill and I haven’t had any leaking issues..they are smoke colored but easy to see through… they open really easy...just pull off the cap to add more juice 



Vape pod starter kit - C- Flat