Best Vape Starter Kits For Smokers and Cloud Chasers 2017

Are you considering trading in your cigarettes for a vape, or want to get into cloud chasing vaping? If the answer is yes you're probably a little confused by the sheer number of different types of vape kits available.

Don't know where to begin? Don't worry we are here to help guide you through the vaping market to provide some clarity on what are the best vape starter kits for smokers and cloud chasers..

Our goal is to take your hand and on board you into the world of vapes and vaping. We are going to try to avoid as much technical jargon as possible and break down what we believe are the best vaporizer kit choices for beginners and which types of vape kits you should avoid.

So lets get started.

What is a vape starter kit?

A vape starter kit, sometimes referred to as a vapor starter kit, is exactly what it sounds like, a kit designed for someone who is just starting to vape. We highly recommend starting your journey into vaping with a starter kit.

Why? Because its easier and cheaper, and designed to provide a vaping experience that will be satisfying for beginners without the added complications of self regulated more advanced vape kits.

The main components of any vaping kit are the vape device, the battery and atomizer.

Vaping Device

There are several different types of vaping devices but they are usually characterized by their design. Different devices include Cig-a-likes, vape pens, vape pods and vape mods. Regardless of device design they all serve the same purpose - to take the power supplied by the battery to the atomizer.


This is the heat resistant part of an e-cig which houses one or more coils that heat up the e-liquid and convert it into vapor. The atomizer is often part of a larger component called a tank. Simply put the tank is a reservoir to hold e-liquid.


The battery is simply the power source that provides power to the atomizer and coil. When it comes to vape kits there are generally two types of battery, internal batteries and replaceable batteries. Let’s break down the various types of vaping starter


What does a vape starter kit include?

  • A vape pen, pod or vaping mod (a mod is simply a vaping device)
  • A clearomizer (the transparent tank that sits on top of the vape mod. It’s where you put the e-liquid and it contains the atomizer which is what heats the e-liquid)
  • A drip tip (the mouthpiece)
  • A battery
  • A charger

 Here's an example of the P-1 Mini vape mod starter kit from Vaptio. 

P1-MINI-pocket vape kit features.jpg


What are the features of a good vape starter kit for beginners?

If you are a beginner and by beginner I mean someone who has very little or no experience with using vape devices, there are basically 4 key features of a good starter kit.

  • simple to use
  • a low regulated output and internal batteries.
  • an atomizer with easily replaceable coils
  • Easy tank refill

A good starter kit will be easy to operate straight out of the box and contain everything you need to start vaping immediately. Well almost everything , you will need to buy some juice and depending upon the device maybe some batteries.


What are the Best Vape Starter Kits For Beginners

There are many different types of vape kits so the first thing you need to consider is which style you want, a vape pen, pod or mod. If you're simply looking to start vaping in an attempt to give up smoking then the pod vape is probably a good option.

However if you're looking to get in to cloud chasing then maybe a box mod vape kit or a high quality vape pen with a clearomizer is the best starting point for you. Either of these will help you produce bigger vape clouds because they contain bigger batteries and can be used with bigger tanks. The added bonus of a box mod or a pen is the bigger tank meaning you can vape for longer without needing to refill you tank as often.

Ultimately which one is best for you is a question of both personal style preference and functionality. So let’s take a deep dive and explore each one in a little more detail. I will also provide our take on the best starter kit for each vape kit type.


Pod Vape Starter Kit - Best Choice For Smokers


Pod mod vapes are the next generation of traditional e-cig vapes but with a significant upgrade in technology to provide a better vaping experience. Designed for the quitting smoker they feel very similar to a cigarette and are very simple to use.

Unlike a traditional e-cig, that had a very small battery, resulting in poor performance, the pod vape contains a bigger battery to increase usage time and create more vapor.

However probably the biggest upgrade from the traditional e-cig vape is the atomizer. A pod vape contains a disposable and easily replaceable tank that contains the liquid, wick and coil. It’s basically a mini clearomiser.

With a pod vapes there is no need to prime coils, fill tanks or do anything else making them the perfect choice for the novice vaper looking for a starter kit.


Best Vape Pod Starter Kit - Vaptio C-Flat Pod Kit

The compact and ergonomically designed C-FLAT Pod is a next generation vaping device that is packed with a host of great features to maximize the users vaping experience.

Packed with a 350mAh built in battery that performs 15W maximum output this pocket sized vape delivers a massive vapor experience and a fast recharge.

Ideal for the social vape user on the move the C-FLAT Pod comes with a built-in button to avoid accidentyal in pocket vaping and includes a pass-through function allowing you to enjoy vaping anytime and anywhere.

All in all, this pod vape starter kit is a winner in the pod marketplace and will definitely make itself a favorite for both smokers and vape users who like to travel.


Vape pod starter kit - C- Flat


Vape Mod Starter Kit - Best For Cloud Chasers

A box mod vape kit, sometimes called regulated box mods,,is a square-shaped vape device that allows for a more customized vaping experience. hence the name box mod. ,  Their job is to make a connection between the battery and atomizer coil when the fire button is pressed. This connection causes the liquid to heat up and create vapor.

A standard vape mod starter kit is more advanced than a vape pod and comes with either a built in battery or external replaceable batteries, an atomizer tank (the part that holds the e-juice and heats the liquid) and a drip tip.

A starter box mod usually has a wattage of between 20W and 50W and it's this bigger battery size that generates more heat and creates a thicker, smoother vapor than a pod vape. Ideal for the beginning vape user who wants to blow big smoke and get into cloud chasing.


Best Vape Mod Starter Kit - Vaptio P-1 Mini


According to the word of some of the most respected vape reviewers online one of the best vape mod starter kits on the market is the Vaptio P-1 Mini. As the little brother of the P-I, the P-I MINI delivers exactly the same great flavor as the P-1 but is much more compact in size and light weight,making it perfect for carrying during travel.

With a 1300mAh built-in battery, it allows the user to vape longer without frequent charging. It has a maximum output of up to 50W, however the power output is adjustable so you can customize your vaping experience.

It also includes a standard 510 drip tip making it compatible with various tanks, so it's an upgradeable device that you can modify as you grow in experience.


vape mod starter kit p-1 mini buy now


Vape Pen Starter Kit - Best of Both Worlds

A traditional vape pen was as the word suggests a vaping device in the shape of a pen. Like their earlier counterparts, e-cig vapes, they were a little limited when it came to battery power and the ability to produce volume vapor. However the modern vape pen is a much more advanced piece of vaping equipment.

Still shaped like a pen but more akin to the size of a cigar a vape pen is the happy medium between a vape pod and a vape mod. The advantage of the modern vape pen is that it has a bigger battery and a bigger tank to increase both vape quality and vaping time.

Whether you're a smoker trying to quit or novice cloud chaser looking to blow big thick vape clouds a pocket pen vape kit is ideal choice for your first vape starter kit.


Best Vape Pen Starter Kit - Vaptio C-11

best vape pen starter kit - vaptio C-11.jpg


The C-II pen style starter kit is the latest offering from Vaptio and reviewers can't stop raving about it's ability to deliver great vape and amazing flavor.

Packed with a host of top line features including a 3000mAh super high battery capacity and 100W max output the C-II vape pen supports pretty long vaping time and allows you to enjoy vaping freely.

The big capacity 4.0ml tank delivers smooth and flavorful clouds while a larger air slot and straight drip-tip bring massive hits of pure vapor and pure flavor.

As an added feature the Vaptio C-11 has a 360 leak-proof design to ensure there is no accidental pocket vaping and a perfect vaping experience.


What is not a good vape starter kit?

Regardless of what your reason is for taking up vaping there is a starter kit to meet everyone's needs but you also need to tread with caution because some vapes have the potential to be very dangerous.

As a beginning vape user you should definitely avoid mechanical mods. Often referred to as mech mods, or simply mechs, these are not for beginners!

Unlike regulated mod kits mechanical mods don't have and microchips and / or wires to control power supply from the battery to the atomizer. So if you're not well versed in Ohm's law and you set these up wrong the could be very dangerous and possibly explode in your face.

Vaping pro's may argue that mechanical mods deliver the biggest vape however there are many regulated box mods in the market today that can equal or better their performance while providing a degree of safety that can't be found with a mech mod.

With this said the bottom line is if you;re new to vaping stick with an FDA safety compliant vape starter kit from a reputable supplier.

We'd love to know your thoughts so feel free to join the discussion below and don't forget to follow us on social media.

Happy vaping!

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