Black Friday 2017: Believe The Unbelievable Red Hot Vape Kits Discount!

Black Friday is just round the corner and we are here with some amazing promotional offers for vaping-enthusiasts. There are plenty of products which are being offered at highly discounted prices. Take advantage of these offers to start your holiday celebrations early.




1. Flash Sale Frogman Tank

This vape kit contains the tank for filling e-liquid and a coil. There is a replacement glass tube included in the kit as well. The coil is compatible and interchangeable with most of the mainstream multicore coils. The taste that the Frogman coil provides is far better than the coils available in the market because of the SMOOTH-TECH technology that it utilizes. The tank has a capacity of 2ml and the drip-tip is heat-resistant.


#Promotional offer

A Black Friday flash sale is being conducted on a daily basis during which this vape kit is sold for $9.99. There are just 6 sets of this vape kit up for grabs every day between 09:00 PM and 11:00 PM (11.23 to 11.27- New York time).


2. VivaKita Move2 240W RDTA

This vape kit includes a Turbo RDTA-L tank, a Clapton coil and a Move2 240W MOD. The tank has a capacity of 5ml. You can easily convert the tank from RDTA to RDA mode if you do not want to store e-juice in the tank. This kit comes with the patented SHIELD-TECH anti-spitting technology. It prevents the hot juice from coming out but allows a massive vapor to form. The top airflow design makes it very convenient to carry this kit in your pocket as it prevents leaking.


#Promotional offer

This vape kit is being offered at a huge Black Friday discount of 70% on its original price of $103.2 which literally makes it a coup.


3. N1 Pro Series

The N1 Pro series models include the 2ml N1 Pro 240W Kit and the 2ml N1 Pro 240W Lite Kit. These kits contain one N1 Pro 240W mod, one FROGMAN tank, FROGMAN W2 and W8 coils, the 3 batteries back only contain in N1 Pro 240W Kit. The high power offered makes the experience of vaping truly great. The multicore structure and press-and-twist top cap make it a product worth buying.


#Promotional offer

Both these vaping kits are being offered on sale at a straight discount of 50% on the occasion of Black Friday.


4. Frogman series

This series consists of models like the Frogman tank and Frogman coil. The Frogman coils provide the best flavor during vaping and different levels of cloud. The easy to load features of the tanks save the time spent on filling the e-juice. The coil fits tanks of various brands.


#Promotional offer

These vape tanks and coils are available at 50% discount for the Black Friday sale. You can get a good deal because the price is low and the quality is the best.


5. C-II vape pen

This vape kit from VAPTIO is in the shape of a pen and offers a long vaping time with the help of its 3000mAh battery. The 4ml/2ml tank and straight drip tip provide massive cloud with good flavor. This pen can fit into your pocket. The output voltage adjusts itself to the battery level because of the smart technology that is used in the pen. It is compatible with most coil heads.


#Promotional offer

The Black Friday offer on this vape pen is 40% discount on the original price. You can get this stylish and long-lasting vape kit at a very low price, so don't miss the chance.


6. Grand Coil

This pack contains 5 coils. All 5 coils are of a single type. However, Grand Coil comes in 9 different varieties and all varieties come in such packs. They are compatible with different vape tanks.


#Promotional offer

There is a discount of 40% on all types of Grand coils. You can get 5 coils which can last a long time and provide superb flavor at a highly discounted price.


7. C-II vape pen

This starter kit from VAPTIO is part of yet another amazing deal.


#Promotional offer

There is a special coupon code for this vape pen - 'C2SAVE499. You can use this code unlimited times to get a $4.99 discount on every order that you buy.

All these Black Friday deals and offers on vape kits are meant to make the upcoming holidays even more special for you.