How to create customer personas for your vaping business

To market and grow your vape business you need to know what makes your customers tick. But where do you start? What questions do you ask? How do you draw conclusions ?

Today we are going to answer these questions and provide you with a procedural framework for developing your own ideal customer profiles or "Personas".

As already discussed in our recent article "Why Your Online Vape Business Needs Customer Personas", creating customer personas for your vape business is an important step on the road to vaping riches. If you haven't read it I highly recommend taking a quick look before your continue here.

So let's get started.

Creating Your Vape Business Customer Personas- Where To Start?

So now you know what customer personas are, how do you make them and where do you start?  Don't worry we are here to guide you through the process. Tthe following 3 step procedure will help you better understand how to collect the information you need about your customers.


Step 1: Talk to your marketing and sales staff

Before diving in and talking to your customers meet with your sales and marketing teams to develop a deep understanding of who buys from you.


Vape Sales Team

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Your sales team will have some great insights into the factors which influence a potential vape customers decision to buy or not. They have valuable knowledge regarding common questions asked, objections, concerns and the selling propositions that are most meaningful to your customers.

Make a list of questions asked, concerns and objections raised. Moving forward these will help form the foundation of your wider content marketing strategy.

Tip: While your sales staff will possess a lot of useful knowledge about your customers, getting them to articulate their key understandings about customer buying decisions is easier said than done. Therefore I highly recommend preparing a detailed list of questions to help you elicit this information.

To help you save time we've put together a free downloadable vape business customer persona guide which includes a list of important questions you should ask as well as a persona template for creating your ideal customer profiles.


Vape Marketing Team

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While your sales team have direct access to your customers, your vape marketing team will also possess extremely valuable information which can provide further insights into your customers behaviors.

Usually in the form of analytical data from current and previous marketing campaigns this information usually includes things like which;

campaigns have netted the best ROI

website content pages and or blog posts are the most visited

keywords and phrases customers use to find your website

traffic sources deliver the most visitors to your website


Step 2. Interview Your Vape Shop Customers

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Interviewing your sales and marketing team can give you some great insights that will definitly help you understand your customers. After talking with your sales and marketing team you will have developed some key assumptions about your customers. Part 2 of the persona development process is to validate those assumptions by conducting customer interviews.

When interviewing your customers ask a series of questions that help you understand their behaviors, concerns and challenges in daily life. Key sections of your persona interview should include the following:

  • Personal Background - job, career path, family
  • Demographics - gender, income, location
  • Identifiers - communication preferences,
  • Hang outs - twitter, linkedIn, forums etc.
  • Goals - primary and secondary
  • Challenges - primary and secondary
  • Common Objections - why they wouldn't buy
  • What we can do - to help overcome challenges and achieve goals

The way you develop your interview questions is of critical importance in ensuring you get the information you are looking for. The best approach is to ask open ended questions and avoid leading questions that may give you the answers you want to hear, rather than eliciting more meaningful and valuable information from your customers.

For example, asking a simple yes or no question like, would your purchase our new pocket vape kit will give you little useful information. On the other had asking why they would or wouldn’t buy your product will provide a much wider spread of answers, helping you to really understand different customer segments and whats important to them.


Step 3. Create Your Vape Business Customer Persona Profiles

After interviewing several different types of customers you should be able to create unique personas for each of them. These profiles can be used by your sales and marketing teams and integrated into an effective inbound marketing strategy.

To create your vape business customer personas you need to look for common character traits across the different types of people you interviewed. For example you may find there are a group of 20-25 year olds who have never smoked cigarettes but are very interested in cloud chasing and sub ohm vaping. In contrast there may be another group of customers whose primary focus is to quit smoking. 

These two different groups will be interested in completely different information and will be attracted by much different images and marketing content.  

To help you fast track the process of developing customer personas for your vape business we;ve put together a free downloadable vape persona guide and template. The guide includes everything you need to get started in developing your personas. We've also included a sample persona to get your juices flowing and a list of over 40 questions to help you conduct your persona research. To get it just click the banner below. 


The Wrap Up

Personas help you identify your ideal customers and frame your marketing. However it's what you do with the information that is the key to your vape business success.

By using the information collected about your ideal customers to create content you can position yourself as an industry expert.. This in turn will build consumer confidence in your advice and lead to more sales.

Further, by aligning your marketing content to meet the needs of customers at different stages of the buyers journey you will learn how to attract a wider cross section of the vape consumer market.. 

So take action today. Download our free vape persona guide and template  and start building a more successful business today. 

If youu're already using personas or just getting started we';d  love for you to contribute to this post and share your thoughts and questions in the comments below and share this across your social media.

To your vape business success!.






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