Introducing Wall Crawler - A Powerful New Pocket Vape Starter Kit

If you've been looking for a pocket size vape mod that truly packs a serious punch then let us introduce you to our newest pocket vape kit, the Wall Crawler.

The Wall Crawler is a light weight, compact and stealthy piece of technology that fits right in your pocket. It's the perfect vape kit for those on the go, designed specifically for those who are active and energetic.

Wall Crawler Pocket Vape Kit

The Wall Crawler kit comes fully loaded with everything you need to start vaping instantly. In the box you will find the following.

  • 1 x Throne Tank
  • 1 x Wall Crawler Mod
  • 1 x Throne D1 coil 0.25 ohm (preinstalled)
  • 1 x Throne D1 coil 1.2 ohm

  • 1 x USB cable
  • 2 x User Manual (one for the Wall Crawler Mod and one for the Throne Tank)

So lets unpack this little beast and take a deep dive into the features that make this such a powerful pocket vape kit.

Wall Crawler Pocket Vape Specifications

Wall Crawler Vape Kit Specification

Supercharger Technology

.In keeping with Vaptio's commitment to technological innovation in vape mod and vape tank design, the Wall Crawler is a true powerhouse of vaping pleasure. Featuring our newest innovation SUPERCHARGER technology, this powerful little vape is extremely fast.

But what is Supercharger? Supercharger technology is a new, extremely speedy heating system that aims to deliver an instant big vape hit packed full of flavor. It is featured for the first time in The Wall Crawler pocket vape kit and is able to deliver tremendous torque and vapor in just 0.005 of a second every time the fire key is pressed.

Colorful High Definition Display Screen

At Vaptio we value user experience and are committed to continually improving and innovating our vape kit designs to provide the highest levels possible.

To bring user experience to the next level the Wall Crawler is fitted with a 1.3 inch, full color, high definition OLED display screen. This contemporary user interface is designed to always keep Wall Crawler users informed.

The display includes a host of feature that allow users to create a fully customized vaping experience including mode, inner resistance and theme. Even more importantly the user interface has a settings button which allows users to choose from 8 different language options.

Create a Customized Vaping Experience

With the Wall Crawler pocket vape it's easy to micromanage your vaping experience. It comes with Wattage / temperature curve mod (CCW /CCT curves), making both wattage and temperature fully controllable.

If you're into cloud chasing or just looking for that massive vape cloud the Wall Crawler delivers a massive hit that you would only reasonably expect from a much bigger mod. With an 80W maximum output and under bypass mode the Wall Crawler supports as low as 0.05 ohm resistance clearing the way for a full throttle experience.

Smart Battery Screening System

The Wall Crawler pocket vape employs a smart battery screening system that monitors your battery's general conditions. It identifies battery quality and separates good batteries from bad ones, monitors battery life and advises the vape user of when its time to change the old battery.

The Throne Tank

The Wall Crawler starter kit comes with arguably one of the most innovate, powerful and user friendly vape tanks on the market, the Throne Tank. The Throne tank has a 2ml vape juice capacity and employs Vaptio's new Hotswap technology, but rather than discussing all of its features here you can learn everything about the throne tank here.

Want to learn more about what makes the perfect pocket vape starter kit or see more cool pocket vape starter kit alternatives check out our full range here.

We'd love to hear what you think of our new Wall Crawler Pocket Vape Kit so feel free to post your comments below and share this exciting new product on your favorite social media channels.

Happy Vaping !

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