Keep Your Real Self: From Picking Your Own Right Atomizer

No matter if you are a vaper newbie or a veteran, it is significant to pick a right atomizer for yourself to optimize vaping hits. Thus this time let's learn about this important part of e-cigarettes, and which type may suits you.

An atomizer is almost the core part of a vaping device. This is where the e-liquid is stored, and is heated up, vaporizes, and produces flavor when you vape. Over the years atomizers have developed into three major types -- disposable, replaceable and rebuildable atomizers -- their differences influence your vaping experience and habit a lot.

A disposable atomizer, usually included in starter kits, is the most basic cheapest form. You can just replace its atomizer with a new one when it reaches its lifespan, gets lost or damaged. However, you'll have to change the whole atomizer instead of its coil or wick, so the coil resistance and your vaping experience are fixed for every disposable atomizer. And the atomizer produces very light clouds and flavor. Nonetheless, A disposable atomizer is ideal for vaping starters for it is initially cheap and mild in flavor.

 For vaping veterans, a replaceable or rebuildable atomizer is better. A replaceable atomizer, such as VAPTIO Spin IT Mini Kit, is the most prevalent form in the market, enabling you to adjust flavor and clouds by changing the coil into another at higher or lower resistance. Expensive as it is initially, a replaceable atomizer can save you a lot in the long term, since you need not to discard the entire atomizer every time.

 A rebuildable atomizer, even going further than a replaceable one, allows you to replace not only its coil, but its wick to realize your desired throat hits, strong flavor or major clouds. And its refillable tank spares you the worry about dry hits and long-run cost. A rebuildable atomizer is delightful for vape experts to tinker with and customize their own vaping experience. If you go for big-clouds, safe vaping, then massive-vapor VAPTIO Capt'n Paragon Tank is worth your try.

 Notice that a rebuildable atomizer requires a user to be a vape expert. If you just get into vaping not long ago and want to tailor your vaping, you should first patiently gather technical know-how, like ohm's law, as well as much vaping experience before you set out.

 Found all these atomizer thing complicated? It's very useful to enquire vape experts and learn from other vapers' experience.

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 Moreover, we will hold fantastic fans cocktail parties and vaping competitions nearby for all to have fun! Come over with your friends and let's toast to our real self!

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 The conventions' info and Vaptio's locations:

InterTabac Dortmund: Sept. 21 - Sept. 21, Booth 3A.A34

VAPEXPO Paris: Oct. 6 - Oct. 8, Booth C9

Vaper Expo UK: Oct. 26 - Oct. 28, Booth B222.

 When are the Vaptio Fans Meetups and cocktail parties:

Dortmund: Sept. 22

Paris: Oct. 7

UK: Oct. 27

The locations? Secret still, so stay tuned to and Vaptio's official social media accounts, to make sure you check them out in time!

Keep Real, Keep Vaptio!