Starter Guide: What is PG & VG and How They Affect Vaping

The e-liquid is the most important factor in vaping experience. However, as for the e-liquid, a new vaper is very likely to know no more than the fact that e-liquids are vaporized to generate flavor and clouds, and may contain nicotine. If you heard about PG and VG, you could not be too curious to investigate more into them, neither intimidated by these chemical substances.

Well, they are actually e-liquids' most crucial primary components, determining the taste, sweetness, cloud volume of vaping, so it is really necessary to know about PG and VG's properties as well as their effect.

What is PG & VG?

PG and VG, taking up to 95% of an e-liquid, are both viscous fluid that are widely used as legal food addhttp://www.vaptio.comitives approved by FDA.

PG is short for propylene glycol, a odorless, tasteless and transparent fluid. You can find it in many common foods, such as flavored teas, toothpastes, ice creams, cake mixes, cake frostings, food colorings, pastries. In the e-juice it is used to help the essence provide a ‘throat hit’, which could mimic sensation of smoking tobacco and minus the harm. PG keeps the flavorings and liquid nicotine perfectly blended and consistent throughout the entire bottle of vape juice. Without PG, the other ingredients would probably fall to the cartomizer bottom.

VG, is short for Vegetable glycerin, another very common food additive which is more viscous than PG. As is suggested by its name, it’s made from vegetables, so even vegetarians can consume it without feeling guilty. Sweet as it is, VG doesn’t lead to tooth decay, making itself a common ingredient in numerous baked goods and candies, and Vinegars, butter-alternatives, non-sugar sweeteners, pet foods, etc.


How PG & VG Affect Our Vaping?

As we learn above, PG is tasteless and can promote the essence's effect, while VG is naturally sweet and more viscous. Therefore, PG and VG have different impacts on vaping.

PG's Pros:

1. Easily blended with the essence;

2. Creating strong throat hits;

3. Leaing to a smoother flow of the e-liquid.

PG's Cons:

1. Some allergies reported, like a sore throat, dizziness and nausea, though considered as safe by FDA;

2. Extra sweetener needed to increase the sweetness.

VG's Pros:

1. Generating huge clouds;

2. Creating natural sweetness;

3. Healthy, and far less likely than PG to cause an allergy;

4. Confortable to the throat.

VG's Cons:

1. Making the e-liquid thick and not easy to flow;

2. Poor at throat hits;

3. Distort the taste of other very delicate flavors;

4. Probably leading to thirst and sputum.


And let's notice one other important difference between PG and VG. Since PG is thinner, it’s absorbed quickly by the wicks and less likely to gum up the coils on atomizers. The more viscous VG can quickly stick to coils, wicks and other components so more frequent cleaning is required; and VG-based liquid won’t work well at all with some older clearomizers with small coils. Therefore many vapers prefer to use VG liquid with rebuildable atomizers. On the other hand, sub-ohm tanks are built to withstand higher voltages and can easily handle VG-based juice.


The clearomizer is usually a cylindrical and plastic or pyrex glass tank. A clear tank allows you to see the level of e-juice inside of a clearomizer. E-juice is delivered to the heating coil by ways of a silica wick.

Owing to their complementary advantages, it's common to mix PG and VG in the e-liquid for maximum pleasure as one likes, and ratios vary for different effects.

Then what effects do different ratios of PG and VG have on vaping?

100% VG

100% VG e-liquids are used to avoid an allergy to PG (in case some people are allergic to it), and to chase huge clouds. 100% VG hardly generate throat hits, and meanwhile its sweetness will certainly other flavors in the e-liquid.

70% VG/30% PG

This can best generate much clouds while also bring a little throat hit. It can give you  a smooth inhaling and big clouds when exhaling, making most vapers feel getting the best of both throat hits and cloud chasing.

50% VG/50% PG

This is a proper ratio when you want to try some new experience. It can lead to fair big clouds when exhaling along with a perceptible bite when inhaling.

20% VG/80% PG

This ratio of e-liquids further produce more vapor while slightly reducing the throat hit.

100% PG

Once quite common but not as popular anymore, the e-liquid with 100% PG brings the strongest throat hit and best deliver the most flavors. Oh the other hand, it produce considerably less vapor than the e-juice with a dominant amount of VG.

The actual vaping may be more complex: you may also find that a heavy PG mix works best to bring out the tartness of fruit flavors, while the thickness of VG can make creamy flavors feel like you’re inhaling a mouth full of delicious dessert. It's up to you to try and find the most suitable ratio for yourself. Anyway, much of the fun of vaping is experimentation and discovery, and trying out different PG/VG ratios can be more enjoyable than messing around with voltage and resistance.