The Throne Vape Tank - Innovative Tank Design Makes Coil Replacement Simple

For a long time Vapers have complained about the hassle and fuss associated with changing tank coils. Well, from today you can forget about all the mess and inconvenience of tank coil replacement as the next generation of vape tank has finally arrived.

Introducing the new Vaptio Throne tank with HOTSWAP TECH.


What is Hotswap Tech?

Hotswap tech is the latest innovation in tank design from Vaptio, engineered to make changing your tank coils a walk in the park. A first in the industry, Hotswap Tech delivers the convenience of a two step coil replacement system making the whole process fast and mess free.


So let me explain further. With traditional tank design coil replacement is one of those jobs we all hate, it's a 5 step process. However with the new Throne Tank coil replacement is a simple two step procedure. Simply pull out the old coil and plug in a new one.


throne vape tank instructions.jpg


If you're loving the Throne Tank already keep reading because this new design is packed with a host of other design and convenience features that are sure to make it a big winner in the tank market.

So lets start with design.


Throne Vape Tank - Craftsman Design

At Vaptio we understand that your vape kit is more than a device, it's a style statement, and when it comes to a cool, stylish look the Throne delivers.


The eye catching design, in the shape of a crown is interlaced with precisely carved details that deliver a sophisticated look and of course there is a color for every taste.


The Throne tank comes in six different colors, silver gold, black gold, red, blue silver and black, so its easy to march this powerful tank with your favorite vape mod.





Top Fill Vape Tank With Leak-proof System

The Throne is a top fill tank making topping up your vape juice a breeze. It also comes with a rubber pad system designed to guarantee there are no accidental tank leaks.


So let me explain this in more detail. The tank features an automated chamber door which can be activated by unscrewing the top cap. When the automated chamber door is closed, it stops e- juice from flowing into the wicking hole and prevents leakage.



Fast and Convenient Tank Refill

Refilling your vape tank has never been easier. Simply follow these 3 easy steps/


  • Hold the tank and screw off the top of the tank
  • Push through the leak prevention rubber cap and fill the tank. Do not drip into the central airflow tube.
  • Firmly close the top cap and let the coil prime for 5 minutes before usage.


Enhanced Vaping Performance With Bottom Airflow

When it comes to delivering a great vaping experience air intake is a big consideration. Utilizing a large bottom flow air intake system the Throne vape tank ensures maximum air uptake to deliver optimal vaping pleasure. Smooth and flavorful the Throne delivers across the board.



What's In The Throne Tank Kit

The Throne vape tank kit comes pre-fitted with the Throne D1 Coil 0.250 but also includes a D2 Coil 1..2.


At vaptio we also understand that different users prefer different style drip tips so we've included two different drip tips including one for those who prefer to vape  mouth to lung (MTL) . Check out  everything included in the kit below.


throne vape tank kit.jpg



Final Words

The Throne has been designed to maximize your vaping experience and remove the inconvenience traditionally associated with using vaping devices that use a separate tank system.  So if you're looking for the perfect new tank we highly recommend you give the Throne tank a try, we promise you won't be disappointed.


Also if you're looking for the ideal vape mod for your new Throne tank then you definitely need to check out our new Wall Crawler vape mod. The Wall Crawler is a light weight and stealthy piece of technology designed to fit perfectly in your pocket while delivering the performance of a much larger mod.


If you're in the market for a new starter kit then the Wall Crawler pocket vape kit is the perfect solution. The kit includes the Throne Tank and buying these two great of vaping technology together as a kit will save you money.


So what do you think of our new Throne Tank. We'd love to get your feedback and any suggestions you may have for our future product development so please feel free to post you thoughts in the comments below and share this post across your favorite social media channels.


Happy vaping !










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