Vape Business Marketing : How To Attract More Vape Shop Customers

Whether you're a wholesale vape supplier, brick and mortar vape shop or an online retailer understanding the your vape customer's buying decision journey will really help you develop a vape business marketing strategy that attracts more customers.

Today we explore the vape customers journey and how to align your marketing to the needs of customers at different stages of the buying decision.

We're also going to show you how to use the information you gathered about your prospects from your vape personas to develop the exact content your vape customers are looking for at each stage of their buying journey.

So lets get started.


What is a buyer's Journey?

A buyer's journey is the active research process a potential buyer goes through before making a purchase decision.

Understanding your buyer personas and your buyers journey is critical to the development of your content marketing strategy. Modern purchasing decisions follow a three step process, awareness, consideration and decision. So this means that specific types of content are more relevant to buyers at different stages of their journey.

While some people are ready to buy from you today, most are looking around, but others are somewhere in the middle, comparing your company’s products and services with your top 3 or 4 competitors. The key to a successful vape marketing strategy is to have educational content that appeals to people at all stages of the buying process.

Let’s take a more detailed look at each of the three stages.


The 3 Stages of The Vape Customers Buying Journey


Vape business customer buyers journey.png


To win the modern marketer needs to engage with prospects as early as possible and create content that aligns with each of the stages of the buyers journey. Statistics show that 70% of a buyers journey is complete before they ever reach out or talk to sales



In the awareness stage your vaping prospect is not looking for your company or a specific vape kit. Rather they are conducting generic keyword searches looking for answers to questions and exploring what options are available to them.

For 72% of buyers, they’ll turn to Google. In this early part of the awareness stage buyers are usually looking for educational materials, customer reviews and testimonials.

Your content should focus on your customers pain points (as outlined in your personas) not on your product or service. Example topics for a vape business first time retail customer could include things like:

  • What is vaping?
  • Is vaping safe?
  • Can vaping help me give up smoking?
  • What's is a vape starter kit?

The goal of this type of content is to not only attract prospective customers at the beginning of their buying journey but to also start building rapport and trust by positioning your vape business as a knowledgeable and trusted source of information for the beginning vape user.

As buyers move deeper into their awareness research they will begin to gravitate more to businesses that answer their questions and start eliminating vendors who don’t provide the types of information they are looking for.



In the consideration stage your prospective vape customer is looking for more detailed and specific information. During the Consideration stage, buyers have clearly defined the goal or challenge and have committed to addressing it. They evaluate the solutions available to pursue the goal or solve their challenge.

For a vape businesses and shops key content marketing topics for a new vape user could include things like:

  • What's the best vape starter kit for a quitting smoker?
  • How to choose your first vape starter kit?
  • 9 Key features of the perfect pocket vape kit



In the decision stage your prospect has decided on the solution and is now conducting final research to make a decision. This often involves conducting direct product comparisons and reading consumer reviews.

It is in the decision stage that prospective customers are most likely to reach out to vape business retailers to discuss product options. 


How To Align Your Vape Business Marketing To Your Buyer's Journey

So now you understand the three stages of the modern buyers journey, how do you align your marketing to attract visitors, convert them to leads and nurture them through to sales? 

The answer is much simpler than you think.  The table below gives you a few ideas on how to get stasrted with your content mapping. 

vape customer buyers journey content map-1.png


The Wrap Up

It goes withour saying that in today's marketing world content is king. The modern buyer's journey has changed and to be successful vape businesses need to align their marketing to the way in which modern buying decisions are made. 

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