Vape Juice Flavors in 2018 - Is Your Favorite E Juice About To Be Banned

As vaping continues to grow, so to does the e-juice market place. With thousands of different flavors to choose from like baked apple pie, bubblegum, and a host of other delicious favorites, there's a flavor to capture anyone's taste buds, including those of experimenting teenagers.

While we all love the vast choice of vape flavors the proliferation of sweet juices is causing alarm bells to ring for the health authorities, especially the FDA in the USA.

According to a recent set of tweets by FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, 31 percent of the surveyed teens in the 2016 National Youth Tobacco Survey say they vape because of the availability of flavors.




Is this the first big red light for the future of the vape flavor market?

If we read between the lines of FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb's tweets it presents a good preview of where the USA juice market regulation may be heading and the future isn’t looking to bright.

It's the mandate of the FDA to protect future generations from all nicotine-containing products. In fact Gottlieb stated it is the FDA's top priority and he emphasised the need to restrict youth access and limit the appeal of vaping to young people.




According to the survey "the troubling reality is that e-cigarettes are the most commonly used tobacco product among youth. Preventing youth from initiating the use of any tobacco product, including e-cigs, is critical. 

If we couple this reality with the evidence from the (Advanced Notice Of Proposed Rule Making) ANPRM draft version ,that claims there is strong evidence that many juice flavors appeal to kids, it becomes clearly evident that all signs are leading to tighter regulation and or future banning of many e- juice flavors.

According to the report

“Certain flavors are generally recognized as appealing to youth, such as gummy bear and cotton candy, while others, such as coffee and cinnamon, may not be as obvious,” .

So is the FDA Center for Tobacco Products preparing to begin the process of restricting and or possibly banning the manufacture and sale of e-juice flavors that they deem attractive to youths?

The answer for now, we don't really know what the future holds for flavored e-juices. What we do know however is that the FDA is about to ask for public comment on how best to regulate flavors in tobacco products to limit appeal to youth and prevent youth initiation and use of tobacco products.

If you love your vape juices and want to help protect the industry make sure you respond to the upcoming public comment as how this latest round of vaping regulations plays out could well determine the fate of not only your favorite e-juice but potentially the future of many vaping businesses.


Final Words

So what do you think? Should some vape juice flavors be banned because of their attractiveness to youth and if so how do we regulate and decide which names and/or flavors need to be removed from shelves.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideass so feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy Vaping!


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