Vaptio in My Life Video Contest - Over $3000 in Cash & Prizes!

To celebrate the eminent landing of Vaptio's latest Hero, the Capt'n, and Vaptio's Vape trick contests in ECC (Cali) and in New York, Vaptio is running a "Vaptio in My Life" Video competition. 

Rules are very simple: 

$1700usd in cash prizes are for entrants who upload videos to social media such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. While there is no video length limit, Instagram only allows videos up to 60 seconds long. 

Theme of video needs to have a Vaptio mentioned in it. Don't own a Vaptio device? Don't worry! You can vape clouds and not sure your non-Vaptio device if you like :)  

Video Themes: 

Tell us why you chose Vaptio / like Vaptio in a video review or skit.

For example: "Why I ________ Vaptio"

Some Ideas: 

a) Why I love Vaptio

b) Why I cannot live without Vaptio

c) Vaptio and Me 

Deadline for Entry is August 31st, 2018.

To win one of 10 Capt'n Paragon Kits and 5 Capt'n Kit's, you can like and share on social media (rules below) and comment on this blog post below.



 To win one of 10x Capt'n Paragon Kits ($89.99 RRP) and 5x Capt'n Kits $84.99 RRP)

1) Tell us what "Vaptio in My Life" means to you.

 2) Comment and Hashtag #VaptioLife

3) Tag at least 5 Friends

4) Follow Vaptio on the social media channel you comment on; (Fb: @vaptioofficial, twitter: @vaptioofficial Instagram: @vaptiousa, and Official Vaptio Youtube Channel.

5) Comment on the Vaptio blog below:

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 Make sure to comment below!

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