Vaptio New Product Teaser  - Premium Vape Kit Preview Video - Like & Share Giveaway!

New Vaptio Premium Vape Kit Video Teaser Giveaway

UPDATE: Winners have been announced! Please contact us with your shipping address at






One Monday, we announced a new member to our Vaptio Heroes family and released our first teaser banner. Today we present a preview video showing more of the soon to be announced product's features. To ensure that our new Vapto Hero receives a true Hero's welcoming, Vaptio will be giving away an unlimited amount of our new mystery premium vaping kit. 

Can you guess what the name of this kit will be? How about the mod and tank specs? What features would you like to see this kit embody?  💨 💨💨 👇 Discuss Below 👇 💨 💨💨


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