What Are Customer Personas + Why Your Online Vape Business Needs Them

If you've started a vape business or an online vape shop and you're looking to attract more traffic and increase your sales then you need to read today's article.

Today we are going to explore vape customer personas and why you need to develop them to run a successful online vape business.

So lets get started.


What is a vape buyer persona

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A buyer persona is semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and what you already know about your existing customers. They are used to help you internalize the ideal customer you're trying to attract and frame your marketing to speak to their needs.

Right now you're probably thinking "I already know who my customers are and what they are looking for, I don't need to do this, it sounds like a waste of time to me"

I can understand this feeling because before I completed my first exercise in developing ideal customer profiles I had a similar view, but I was wrong.

A well developed buyer persona is much more than a simple understanding of customer demographic data. It dives deep into exploring your customers needs, wants, desires, frustrations, goals and pains.

It also explores their social behaviors and provides you with deep insights into where to find your customers and how to attract them.

In short the goal of developing buyer personas for your online vape business is to gives a face and personality to your market audience and ideal customer — hence the term “persona.”

By understanding exactly who your customers are you can create real-world experiences online that align with their buying behaviors, address their needs and provide a user-friendly experience which attracts them to your online store.

Before you can convince a visitor to engage with you, you need to understand their motivation for seeking you out and this is the secret to attracting more traffic to your online vape business.

When you know your customers behaviors needs and questions it' becomes easier to develop the right content bait to attract them to you. The understandings about your customers that persona research gives you is priceless, but a surprising number of marketers do not take the time to develop buyer personas.


Why Your Online Vape Business Needs To Develop Customer Personas

The answer is simple, As vape product paid advertising through Google PPC or social media channels like Facebook is outlawed, to market your vape store you need to get creative and the best way to do this is through aligning your content to match your buyers journey.

For most online businesses direct paid advertising is the fastest way to attract customers but in the absence of the ability to use this medium, online vape shops need to take a different approach - content driven marketing.

But what content should you create?

The modern vape business customer researches products and services, seeks answers to questions, reads reviews, conducts product comparisons, watches videos, listens to the voices of their peers opinions and a whole lot more before ever making a purchasing decision and this is why developing customer personas is important.

Through the process of creating your vape customer personas you will uncover a host of information about exactly how you customers behave. Persona interviews give you powerful insights into customer online habits and pain points. With this knowledge creating marketing messages and materials for a specific target audience becomes much easier and with the right content its easier to attract the exact customers you are looking for.


The Wrap Up

The use of personas to define your target audience is continually increasing in importance. As more and more of your competitors turn to content based marketing well defined personas will help you cut through the noise.

Without personas you run the risk of letting your direct competitors develop the lions share of buyer influence which in turn impacts greatly on your customers buying decisions.

While the idea of researching and developing buyer personas may sound like a big job, to create a successful online vaping business you need them. To help you we've put together a short article and a free downloadable vape personas guide;

Click the link below to read the article now

" How to create customer personas for your vape business."

My advice start out small with only one or two primary buyer personas and build up your portfolio of ideal customers over time. If you've got questions or comments feel free to place them in the comments section below and don't forget to share this article on social media.

Here's to your vape business success.


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