What is a vape starter kit?

A vape starter kit, sometimes called a vaporizer starter kit is a complete package of everything you need to start vaping. A vape starter kit includes an atomizer, tank, drip tip, battery, voltage regulator, a replacement coil and a re-charger.

If you're exploring vapes and vaping for the first time and are a little confused by all this jargon don't worry, it's not really that complicated. Sure there are lots of different types of vape kits, all of which are designed for different types of users but today we're going to help you discover which type of vaporizer kit is right for you.


Why get a vape starter kit?

The answer to this is really quite simple, it's the easiest and most cost effective way to purchase your vaping gear. Sure you could go out and research mods, tanks, coils and drip tips and purchase each item separately but there are no guarantees of product and part compatibility and / or overall build safety.

Also, although I mentioned earlier that vaping jargon is not really as complicated as it sounds, like with anything new, at first, It can be difficult to get your head around all of the technical speak. Then, even if you understand, you're still going to need a reasonable degree of technical skill to ensure you set up your vape correctly and safely.

In contrast, all of the parts in a vape starter kit are designed to work harmoniously to provide you with a functional and safe vape device straight out of the box. With a vape starter kit getting vaping is as simple as 1,2,3. Simply unpack the kit, charge up the battery add some juice or liquid to your tank and start vaping.

So with that in mind, even for more experienced vape users, we highly recommend sticking to a purpose built, safe and part compatible vape device. Regardless of your level of vaping experience, a good starter kit will help you avoid all of the potential risks of a self build, and prove more cost effective to start out.


Choosing the right vape starter kit

So now you have an understanding of what a vape starter kit is and why buying one is the smarter purchasing decision, the question is, which vaporizer kit is right for you?

As vaping increases in popularity the type and range of vaping products continues to grow. There are a host of great value starter kits available, but we suggest you take the time to research which one is right for you as there are starter kits for all levels of vaping, from the novice user to advanced vaping pros.


Types Of Vape Starter Kits

At Vaptio we offer a range of different types of vape starter kits, all of which use our SMOOTHTEC flavor technology to deliver great taste in every vape, From the first time, novice vape user to the highly experienced cloud chasing vaper, we have a starter kit that meets your needs.


Pod Style Vape Starter Kits



Ideal for the quitting smoker and people new to vaping,pod vapes, are simple to use discrete and easy to carry in your pocket. At Vaptio we offer two different styles of pod vape both of which are hugely popular with our customers.

The C-Flat and Solo Flat are very similar and are designed to give users a style preference. Both consist of just 3 main parts, a drip tip, a tank and a mod making them super easy to use straight out of the box. With these vape kits you simply, charge, ad juice and vape.


Pocket Vape Starter Kits

A little bit more advanced than pod and pen vapes, pocket vaporizers are a scaled down version of their big brother, the sub- ohm vape mod. Designed to cater for the more advanced vape user on the move, our highly transportable, but powerful pocket sized vape mod starter kits pack a powerful punch.

If you're looking to upgrade from a pod or pen vape or an experienced vape user looking for something a little more pocket friendly take a closer look at the P-1 Mini or the C-II.

In his recent review, vaping guru and senior Vaping Underground moderator Markw4mms describes both the flavor and cloud output of the P-1 Mini as follows:

"Ok, so how does this little gem vape, one word comes to mind, wonderfully! I’m amazed at the quality of the vape I get from this tiny set-up. Flavor is great, and this little tank makes some really nice clouds when vaping at 40-50 watts."

P1-MINI-pocket vape kit colors.jpg


Sub Ohm Vape Starter Kits

Sub ohm vape starter kits are designed for the serious vape enthusiast and cloud chasers. They include everything you need to produce massive vapor clouds but the mods are much more technical. Sub ohm vape kits providing the end user with the ability to customize their vaping experience.

For example the Vaptio N1 Pro has multiple output modes allowing the user to set different power, bypass, temperature and curve settings. For the serious vape user the N1 Pro vape starter kit is a beast delivering a massive 240W at maximum output. Powered by 2/3 replaceable 18650 cells it delivers u a great experience, and the heat resistant drip-tip makes for no more burning lips.



The other feature of sub- ohm vape kits is the ability to choose your vape tank. However the Vaptio N1 Pro comes fully kitted with one of the best vape tanks on the market, the FROGMAN.

The Frogman tank is a multi core, is top fill and has easy reload features, so if you're in the market for a top class sub ohm vape you can check out the N1 Pro here.



How to start vaping

Once you've decided which vape starter kit is right for you, starting your vaping experience is easy. Armed with your vape kit you have everything you need. If you've chose a pod vape simply take it out of the box, charge it, add some juice and start vaping.

However if you've opted for a more advanced mod based vape starter kit you will need to assemble it first and most importantly prime your vape coil before you start using it. (Don't worry there's instructions in your kit and priming your coil is very simple.

For those of you who opted for a sub ohm vape kit we recommend starting with a lower wattage output and slowly work you way up to find the power rating that suits you best.

As usual if you have any questions please feel free to comment below and don't forget to share us on your favorite social media channel.

Happy vaping!