What Is Sub Ohm Vaping?  Beginners Sub Ohm Vape Guide & Tips

If you want to blow giant vape clouds then you need to know all about sub ohm vaping. Why? Because Sub Ohming produces massive vape clouds and bigger plumes of vapor, delivering a bigger mouthful of flavor with each puff.

It's also the preferred method of vaping for cloud chasers looking to create enough vapor to perform those really cool vaping tricks you see on YouTube videos and at trade exhibitions. But what exactly is sub ohm vaping?


Read on to discover the answer and learn everything you need to know about sub ohming in our comprehensive sub ohm vaping guide..


What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

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To understand sub ohm vaping first you need to understand the basics of how a vaporizer works.  Basically, a battery sends a charged current to an atomizer or wire coil, ( An atomizer is a device that converts liquid to vapor or mist.)  When the charge connects with the coil it heats quickly and brings liquid (often called "e-juice") to its boiling point and that becomes vapor you can inhale.. 


If you understand this, understanding exactly what sub ohm vaping is should now be a little easier. The principle of sub ohming is fairly simple, the faster you can heat your coil  and the hotter you can get it, the  greater the quantity and thickness of vapor. you can produce.


So where does the term sub ohming come from? The answer is resistance. The resistance of a coil used in an atomizer is defined in ohms, An Ohm is a unit used to measure electrical resistance named after George Simon Ohm.  The lower the resistance the greater the current that can pass through it so if you keep a constant voltage and reduce resistance the current passing through the coil will increase, making it hotter which in turn will produce more vapor.


So simply put sub ohm vaping is vaping on a device which has a coil resistance of less than 1 Ohm.  


Still sound a little confusing ? Let's break it down with a simple example to illustrate sub ohm laws in practice.




Box mod vape with

above Ohm tank

(standard resistance)


Box mod vape with

above Ohm tank

(low Resistance)


Box mod with

sub Ohm tank

Sub Ohm resistance)




 3.7 volts 3.7 volts 3.7 volts

coil resistance


2.5 Ohm  1.5 Ohm o.5 Ohm



5.48 Watts  9.13 Watts 27.38 Watts

Vapor production







** ****

Throat hit


 * ** ****



Looking at the table above you can clearly see the difference between above ohm and sub ohm vaping. As you decrease the coil resistance there are significant increases in wattage, vapor production and flavor. .The further you lower the resistance of the coil, though, the more dramatic the changes in the vaping experience. and when we drop below 1 Ohm things become really intense. With a 0.5 ohm coil and a 3.7 volt battery, an e-cigarette generates nearly triple the vapor production of a coil with a 2.4 Ohm resistance.


Another advantage is the experience of what we call throat hit and this is something that those transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping really appreciate.  At a lower resistance the vape is warmer simulating the feeling of drawing on a traditional burning cigarette.



Why Choose Sub Ohm Vaping? Advantages of Sub Ohming

why sub ohm.jpg


 When it comes to making the decision to take up sub ohm vaping there are 3 main reasons why people choose this option over regular or above ohm vaping..


Bigger Vapor Clouds: First and foremost is the volume of vapor produced. Sub ohming allows you to produce much bigger plumes of thick vapor.  For those who dream of blowing massive vapor or participating in vaping competitions sub ohming is a necessity.  Likewise if your goal is to enter the world of clod chasing and perform those really cool vape cloud tricks you see in YouTube videos then sub ohm vaping is for you.


 Intense Flavor Hit: Second, sub ohm vaping increases the overall flavor of the vaping experience. Simply put more vapor equals more flavor and more vapor means greater taste satisfaction. Sub ohm vaping provides a stronger vapor hit and delivers more nicotine in every puff.


Warm Throat Hit: Finally because of the heat generated by the higher wattage used with sub ohm vaping the vapor delivered is warmer, For those looking to give up smoking this sensation feels very similar to the warm throat hit of a traditional cigarette.


How to Sub Ohm



In simple terms there is only one way to sub ohm and that's by using a coil with a resistance of under 1 Ohm. Depending on the type of atomizer you use, there are three different options for sub-ohming.


 Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA's) : These are the original sub ohming device. Slightly smaller than a tank they are more cumbersome to use and require the user to build their own coil and wrap a cotton wick to absorb the juice. The RDA is basically a coil that is built on top of a small deck  and attached to the vaping mod using a screwdriver.  Often referred to as drippers, to operate an RDA the user needs to constantly drip e-liquid onto the wick after every few puffs.


 Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA's): RTA's are similar to RDA's however the coils are built inside a tank so that the user doesn't have to continuously drip e-juice onto the wick. With RTA's control of the size of the coil and wicking material are still under the full control of the end user and many vaping enthusiasts like to experiment with different coil and wicking materials to maximize and customize their vaping experience.


Sub-ohm tanks: The easiest way to start sub ohm vaping is to use a manufactured sub ohm vape tank. Sub ohm vape tanks are simple to use and come prefitted with a replaceable coil with a resistance of less than 1 Ohm. Designed with safety in mind commercially manufactured sub ohm tanks are equipped with airflow vents to protect against overheating.


Operation of a sub ohm tank is easy. Simply unpack your tank, attach it to your regulated box mod, fill with e-juice and start vaping.,




The  Downside To Sub Ohm Vaping

Like with everything, sub ohm vaping has both advantages and disadvantages and there is a price to pay in terms of equipment expenses and rate of juice consumption for sub ohm vapers.


First, while the advantage of sub ohming is the massive vape cloud and hit, the downside is that for many, especially those new to vaping, the sheer volume of vape can be a little overwhelming. This is especially evident for those that prefer to use a nicotine based juice. The thicker vapor delivers a much stronger nicotine hit which can result in nicotine head rushes and a feeling of nausea. We recommend using an e juice with a lower nicotine content if your sub ohming.


Second, the initial cost outlay to start sub ohm vaping is more expensive and the overall cost of operating a sub ohm vaping device is higher. This occurs for many reasons. Sub ohming consumes your e liquids much faster than above ohm vaping. Also the heat generated by sub ohming puts greater stress on your vaping coils causing them to burn  quicker and need to be replaced sooner.




Is Sub-Ohm Vaping Safe?



The brutally honest answer is yes, and no. It really depends on the user and the type of mod they are using. When it comes to vaping safety there are two key words that you should always pay attention to, battery safety.  We'll talk more about battery safety shortly as this is the number one safety issue when it comes to sub-ohming, but first a little history. 


 In the early days of sub ohm vaping there weren't any professionally engineered and manufactured, regulated sub ohm vape kits around so vaping enthusiasts built their own mechanical mods and of course there were accidents. I'm sure you've heard terrifying stories of vapes exploding in users faces and here's why.


 As you decrease coil resistance you  increase the amperage your device uses to supply the current needed. This results in an increased  strain on the battery and also increases the heat that the battery and coils generate. Exceed the amperage limit of your battery and it could catch fire or in a worst case scenario explode.


While this may sound alarming there is no need to panic or make the instant decision that sub ohm vaping isn't right for you. The stories you may have heard are old news and are generally the result of vaping hobbiests and enthusiasts pushing the boundaries of vaping safety with home built mechanical mods and coils.


Technology and engineering safety have come a long way. Today sub-ohm vaping is safe. Simply stick to quality engineered, regulated box mod vaping devices from quality assured manufacturers and follow their user manual guidelines and you have nothing to fear.




Sub Ohming-  Regulated Box Mods v Mechanical Mods 



If you're wondering what the difference is between a mechanical mod and a regulated mod here's a quick introduction..


Regulated box mods are the typical type of vaping mods you see in vape shops and online stores. They are built with end user safety in mind and are designed to detect potential dangers before they occur and shut down the mod. .


Regulated box mods contain a computer chip that functions between the battery and the coil to protect from over discharge of the battery and short circuits, hence the term regulated mod. They usually come paired with an atomizer that is designed with a coil resistance that is suitable for the wattage output and proper venting to ensure battery safety.


These devices do have some customizable settings with regards to wattage and output but overall they have limiters which ensure the end user safety.


In contrast mechanical mods are unregulated and have no computer safety chip to control automatic shut down in the case of a safety issue. Unlike regulated mods, mechanical mods are fully customizable putting the control of wattage, battery size and coil resistance 100%  in the hands of the end user.  However, because there are no safety control circuit boards controlling potential firing problems there is a risk if you build your device .  The key danger being battery malfunction which can result in over discharge, misfiring, overheating and potential explosion.



What are the dangers of Sub-Ohm Vaping?

As mentioned above if you stick to using a quality manufactured regulated box mod and not a mechanical mod then your only real concern is battery safety.


It is critically important to only use high quality batteries that are suitable for use in vaping mods. Key tips, never use damaged batteries that have visible signs of dents,  always make sure that your vaping device is properly vented to ensure good airflow to keep your device cool during operation and never exceed the amp limit of your battery.  


So what batteries should you use? The preferred battery of sub ohm vapers is the 18650 battery. These are relatively cheap to buy and are available from your local vaping store. However it is always important to read your vape kit instruction manual with best practice being to stick with the battery type recommended by the vape kit manufacturer. .



Is Sub Ohm Vaping Right For You? Sub Ohm V Regular Vaping

sub ohm vape alternatives.jpg


While for some people sub ohm vaping is the holy grail of the vaping experience for others it's a bit to intense. As mentioned previously sub ohming delivers massive plumes of smoke, intense flavor and a warm throat hit but there are many reasons why many vape users choose not to sub ohm, below are the most common:


Increased Risk: While sub ohm vaping is safe if you follow your device user guide there is a greater emphasis on user responsibility for checking battery condition and operational safety.


Consumable Expenses: While vaping is much cheaper and healthier than smoking cigarettes sub ohming is a much more expensive exercise than above ohm vaping. Sub ohming chews through your e-liquids at a much higher rate than above ohm vaping. Similarly the intense heat generated by  sub ohming leads to faster coil burn out meaning regular replacement of coils and of course the initial set up costs of purchasing a high powered regulated mod and sub ohm tank are higher than those of a smaller above ohm device.


Nicotine Head Spins: With thicker vapor comes stronger flavor but also a much more intense nicotine hit. Depending upon the e-juice used this hit can be overwhelming and lead to nausea, a bad taste and dizziness. 


Highly Visible: Because of the massive vapor created with sub ohming its a highly visible experience that often draws a lot of attention to the vape user, This is especially evident in public places. While some love this attention others are more comfortable with not being the focus of attention. In fact, for many smokers who are using vaping as an alternative to cigarettes, using a regular vaping device, (often a small pocket sized vape) to get their nicotine fix is preferred as its discrete.


Recharging: Sub ohm vapes purely by their nature require more power to heat the coil. The result is batteries drain much faster meaning that sub ohm vape users are often required to carry a charger and recharge their device and regular intervals. For many this is a big hassle.


Mobility and Transportaility: Sub ohming devices are big, require regular recharging, juice filling and battery and coil replacement. If you're a smoker and you thought carrying your cigarettes and lighter everywhere was an inconvenience then maybe you would find sub ohming on the go a big hassle.  This is why many smokers prefer to use a pocket sized pod vape with a disposable pre-filled juice tank rather than a sub ohm kit.



What's a Good Vape Kit To Start Sub Ohm Vaping?

In today's marketplace there's a great range  of sub ohm vape options available. The key is to know exactly what you're looking for.. If you're chasing massive clouds then go with a device with a higher wattage, however if you're looking for a device with a long vape experience before recharge choose a device with multiple batteries.  


If you're a first time sub ohm vaper the Vaptio Wall Crawler is a great sub ohm vaping set up to get you started. Affordable and packed full of features that make sub ohming easy it offers a perfect balance between user experience and cutting-edge technology. .


Wall Crawler - The Perfect Sub Ohm Starter Kit For Beginners

wall crawler pocket vape kit.jpg


The Wall Crawler delivers a powerful. light weight and compact designed mod and comes fully loaded with the Frogman sub ohm vape tank.  With an 80W maximum output and supporting a low 0.05 ohm resistance this take anywhere kit fits snugly in your pocket but delivers the power of a much bigger device.


It's the perfect transition from above ohm to sub ohm vaping and you can get all of the details here - Wall Crawler Kit.


The N1 Pro - Super Powered Sub Ohm Vape Kit For Serious Cloud Chasers



For advanced vape users looking to supercharge their sub ohming experience we recommend the N1 Pro 240W.


The N1 Pro 240Wis powered by 2/3 replaceable 18650 cells whose max output reaches 240W. High power will bring you a great experience. And the heat resistant drip-tip makes it no more burning lips. Moreover, with the help of FROGMAN Tank's top fill and easy reload features, N1 Pro 240W can refill with great ease. It comes with a "Press-and-twist" design to easily open top cap and an innovative childproof lock system.


The Throne Sub Ohm Vape Tank



Alternatively, if you already have a great regulated box mod but are looking for the next generation of sub ohm vape tanks then don't forget to check out the Throne sub ohm vape tank. Sporting Vaptio's latest coil innovation, hotswap technology, this 2ml capacity tank comes pre-loaded with the new 0.25 ohm D1 coil and packs a giant punch when it comes to delivering both cloud and flavor.


Final Words

Hopefully now you have a much better understanding of exactly what sub ohm vaping is and have enough information to decide if sub ohming is the right choice for you.


If you have any questions on comments feel free to comment below and if you liked this article we'd love you to support us and share it to your favorite social media channel


Happy sub ohming!




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