Vaptio - Wholesale Vape Distributor and Vape Kit Manufacturer

If you're in the vape business or considering opening your own vape shop, choosing the right wholesale vape supplier(s) is important. 

As the vaping sector continues to expand the number of wholesale vape manufacturers and distributors continue to grow, however there are many things you need to consider before choosing your wholesale vape distributor and/or manufacturer.

Key factors include:

  • Manufacturer history and credentials
  • Quality assured and TDP, FDA compliant manufacturing
  • Product range and quality
  • Supply chain management
  • After sales service
  • Distributor track record
  • Price

We highly recommend taking the time to research wholesale vape distributors and to assist you with this we've put together our wholesale vape buyers checklist. This checklist has been formulated as a result of the many questions wholesale vape buyers ask our sales team. It will help you ask the right questions and empower you with the information you need to make informed wholesale vape purchasing decisions.

However before you click the link and check out the guide, here's a quick introduction to Vaptio.


Vaptio Wholesale Vape Manufacturer and Distributor

Vaptio.Inc is a premier wholesale vape distributor and world class manufacturer of vape kits, vape tanks and accessories.

Established in Seattle in 2014, Vaptio is the registered trademark of vape manufacturing giant Shenzhen First Union Technology Co., Ltd., one of the oldest and most respected e-cigarette manufacturers in the world.

Vaptio.Inc is dedicated to change the world of smoking and gives better and healthier smoking options to users. With a broader horizon, we are focusing on the manufacture and distribution of products with high power batteries, elegant cloud atomizers, dry herb vaporizers and smart E-cigarette products to better serve the vaping community.


Wholesale Vape Manufacturer

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At Vaptio we are committed to pushing the envelope with regard to product design and innovation and offer a range of vaping products and accessories to meet the needs of everyone from the first time vape user to the advanced sub-ohm vaper.

Our vape products are manufactured to the highest specifications of both design and safety at our world class, quality assured, manufacturing center in Shenzhen China.

We have a professional R&D Centre with more than 150 engineers dedicated to conceive, develop, improve and expand our  vaping products family, as well as to bring ideas to reality. 

Our key product offerings, all of which are TDP and FDA compliant, include:


Wholesale Vape Distributor

Our quality assured manufacturing is supported by our global wholesale vape distribution capabilities. With global supply chain management and wholesale distribution centers across the globe, including the USA, UK, Europe and Asia, Vaptio is well equipped to service wholesale vape buyer needs wherever you may be located.

From placing an initial order, through to delivery and after sales service the team at Vaptio have you covered. All of our wholesale clients are provided with a dedicated account manager to ensure strong customer relationship management and smooth operations at all stages of the supply chain.


Why your vape shop should partner with Vaptio Wholesale

While obviously quality produced , compliant products at an affordable wholesale price are a must, it's also critical to ensure your vape business partners with brands that have a long term commitment to building brand and reputation.

To learn more about the Vaptio brand and why wholesale vape distributors and retailers across the globe choose to partner with us click the banner below and download our Vaptio vapec wholesale partner's guide.

Here's to your vape business success!


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